Permanent Cosmetics

Look great all the time...permanently!


For centuries, women have beautified their eyes, lips and brows. Now modern science and cosmetology have merged together to create a technique for enhancing one's natural features. When you want to look your very best, you may consider having a professional make-up artist apply the make-up using the color and style that is right for you. Simply put, permanent cosmetics is make-up. The great advantage of using permanent cosmetics is that in the hands of a trained technician, this added pigment can be in the form of tiny strokes that look just like hairs or more solid lines to form eyeliner, brows or lip liner, no smudging, running or getting into the eyes.Permanent cosmetics is especially great for those troubled by allergies, those who wear contact lenses, enjoy athletic activity or have only limited dexterity. You owe it to yourself to see...just how great you can look, all the time!