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Posted on May 6, 2013


Microdermabrasion Treatments have become the latest craze in the skin care world. Reflections by Sissy has been performing this service for over 15years. I would like to tell you about our machine and give you some insight on how our machine is more advanced than alot of the machines being advertised today. Our Microdermabrasion System was designed by a Italian Company Mattioli Engineering and was cleared by FDA in 1996 after years of trials the first closed-loop microdermabrasion system with corundum crystal with sterile operations, and was introduced in the U.S. in 1997. Ultrapeel Pepita System is carried out with micronized crystals which are derived from the mineral corundum which are completely harmless and do not cause any skin reactions. After diamonds, corundum is one of the hardest minerals in the world and therefore it is able to remove layers of skin in a controlled way. Corundum crystals are “launched” on the skin using controlled power and speed through a tubing system that is attached to a sterile handpiece. The crystals and the impurities are then vacuumed and directed into a waste bottle. This minimizes risk of contamination that may occur.Corundum crystals, which are also used in medicine, have disinfecting and antihemorragic properties. The “controlled” aspect of microdermabrasion means that the therapist can choose the exact treatment area, the depth of the peeling, as well as the duration of the treatment. Therefore any type of skin, whether it is normal , sensitive, dry or acne conditions can be treated effectively. Microdermabrasion can treat sun damage, small wrinkles, post-acne scars, acne and impurities, skin aging , hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores,and uneven rough textured skin . So before making a appointment for microdermabrasion just anywhere, do your homework. Because not all machines are created equal. Don’t forget to check out our before and after pictures on the website.

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